Merrell All Out Blaze 2 Gore Tex Women's Shoes MER850 USB4n51

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  • GORE-TEX - Ensuring that the shoe is completely waterproof.
  • Closed-Cell Foam - Blocks out moisture and debris.
  • Full Grain Leather and Mesh Upper - Provides durability and breathability.
  • Rubber Toe Cap - Protects the foot and shoe from rough terrain and debris.
  • Odour Management - Preventing bacteria forming and causing odour.
  • Blended EVA Footbed - For supreme cushioning and zonal arch and heel support.
  • Air Cushioned Heel - Offers stability and shock absorbing properties.
  • EVA Foam - Plush, long-lasting cushioning.
  • Vibram Rubber - Durable, abrasion-resistant and grippy.

Merrell All Out Blaze 2 Gore Tex Women's Walking Shoes

Super comfortable. Incredibly capable. Built with premium materials like a GORE-TEX upper that provides durable waterproofing, this hiker offers Air Cushion VIZ - Responsive cushioning from the inside out.

Gore-Tex Upper

The All Out Blaze 2 Gore Tex Women's Shoes from Merrell is made from Gore-Tex fabric. Gore-Tex is a fully waterproof membrane which blocks out water but is also superbly breathable, allowing the wearer to stay dry, cool and comfortable as they train. The Fabric is also superbly lightweight and windproof to keep wind out of the pant as well as water. The tongue is made from Closed-Cell Foam which helps to keep moisture out of the shoe as well as shielding the foot and inside of the shoe from dirt and debris which could possibly enter, especially on loose, rugged trails. The Upper is constructed from Full Grain Leather which is a superbly durable material that can help to protect the foot as well as keep it dry. Mesh sections have also been added to the shoes upper which allows warm air to be released from the shoe at the same time as allowing cool air to flow in, keeping the wearers feet and the inside of the shoe as cool, dry and comfortable as possible. Protecting the front of the foot and shoe is a Toe Cap which helps to prevent the wearer being injured on rocks and various debris which could damage the front of the foot or the shoe.

Blended EVA Midsole

The footbed is made from a Blended EVA which offers supreme cushioning and support to key areas like the arch and heel, holding the foot securely in place for a smooth wear. By supporting these keys areas of the foot, this midsole material can also help to offer enough support to help prevent against discomfort and possibly injury. Another feature the foot bed offers the shoe is superb Odour Management which helps to prevent bacteria forming inside the shoe and causing odour and possible damage to the shoe over time. The heel of the shoe is fitted with an Air Cushion which helps to keep the foot stable inside of the shoe as well as absorbing heel to help prevent injury that could be caused. EVA Foam has also been added to the midsole to offer long lasting, plush cushioning under the foot to keep the wearer feeling comfortable and stable on their feet as they perform.

Vibram Rubber Outsole

The outsole has been constructed from Vibram rubber which is extremely durable and practical. This rubber also allows the shoe to grip various terrain in various weather conditions that the wearer will come across as they run and explore.

What Matters Most

"From our very first custom made hiking boots to our latest product innovations, we make all of our products with four core values in mind: Comfort, Durability, Design, and Versatility. It's all about removing the barriers to enjoying the great outdoors."


"We believe that doing what you love should feel good, both mentally and physically. Climbing Everest is taxing enough without blisters the size of pancakes on your feet. We make our products to fit as comfortably as possible."


"Merrell gear is made to look right, feel right and perform right. Our beauty is not only skin-deep. We go to great lengths to ensure that form, feel and functionality all come together seamlessly."


"Merrell stands for durable, high-performance products that last. Like Stonehenge last. Like mummified King Tut last. We build our gear to hold up in the harshest conditions, over, and over again."


"These boots were made for walking and running, and hiking and climbing mountains, or just sitting around, really. Merrell fits a wide variety of people, for a wide variety of adventures. We're about groundbreaking multi-sport technology."

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Merrell All Out Blaze 2 Gore Tex Women's Shoes MER850 USB4n51